Fuck DaddyoFive #SaveCody

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  • [ – ] whtcrow reply Thank you for making this video and helping spread awareness as to what is going on. The Maryland laws do not protect children from systematic abuse and assault. That poor child and his sister Emma need to be saved and given to their real mother. It is obvious the step mother is the instigator in all of it but that does not let the father off the hook as he is continually unapologetic abusive to those children. CHILDREN. They are way too young to be able to 'prank' or be acting, it is obviously real and Cody is already showing signs of PTSD from the constant abuse. They need out and he needs to be freed from them.
    • English-Inquistor parent reply Thank you for the nice comment , This is a serious topic I hope everyone of all backgrounds can rally behind . alot of us have noticed that the two that get the worst of all the shit is the Step children to the woman. she clearly has some hatred for them and gets her husband to do most of the bullying.
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