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  • Marzipandorica reply I am a neckbeard Goddess! Worship me!
  • userXVI reply So, lets get this streight. You are advertising pictures of Your left mons pubis for 5$. You are what, 35?....... not getting laid by the people You want? You have one color over Your natural hair, You have something personal reguarding people who You want to sleep with but they wont sleep with You. You have abnormally pale skin, You are one of those people who would Jump at the chance to hate Trump. You are very protective of Your right shoulder. The way You speak.... very condescending. You Brainwashed Yourself in some form or another and this is now a Huge part of Your life, 3rd wave feminism? hate men and do everything in Your power to put one sex over another?. You have authentic hate in Your eyes, This is something I trully fear.
  • Mr2ndopinion reply Fcking play........................... huge break minecraft with me. I seeeeee. We got sex robots now by the way. Either you do it for free and have fun or fck off. :p Said this man!
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