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  • [ – ] Comander-O reply Cool to see your starting to use a face cam. Kind of curios on why is all? :) Also your voice sound so different now which surprised me with how you usually sound in your other vids. O_O
    • [ – ] Razberry parent reply Yeah it was the difference in mic quality lol but as for the face cam thing, I guess it was just the approach I wanted to take for something like Life is Strange, I would do it for horror but I may have to test some out first. Still a bit self conscious but at the same time I lean into the screen a lot because most times its really dark. Also in case you haven't noticed, I also do this weird head tilt while I'm playing games lmao, I do it quite a couple times in the video Life is Strange video.
      • Comander-O parent reply Well I'm sure you will get used to it. Definitely took me some time but now I kind of forget it's even there. For me I tend to lean into the screen too but usually it's when I try to observe something or am reading small text in games. :P
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