Emmanuel Macron Smears Marine Le Pen Voters As ‘Hateful Cowards'

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  • ClimatePonziLie reply Hitler tried to take over all of Europe, he used violence and vandalism to control people and stop free speech. This is why ANTIFA exist they are the Brown shirts. There trying to use the Migrant crisis and the resulting violence, in the mean time their TAXING the countries of the EU into submission. Greece is now a broke prison island system use to distribute migrants. Europe didn't have these problem 20 years ago before they joined the EU that was only to help trade. Now it want's to control every aspect of Europe for immigration to enacting anti free speech laws, etc. Hopefully the people vote to escape the dictatorship of the Parliament of the EU. Get out of the EU while you still can look how they want to hold England hostage with demands of 60 Billion dollars. Dictatorship written all over it.
  • plantfilledman reply It is shocking... How could they choose that moron to be their president? I'm afraid France - just like Germany - will disappear in the junkyard of history. They never really liked each other anyway - as far as I know ... Soon they will have the chance to unite under the flag of Islam.
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