SSB4 (Melee HD) AwesomeGames007 (Ike) vs Ohitsblockbusterguy (Marth)

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  • Ohitsblockbusterguy reply That pain of the defeat.
  • [ – ] BobbyTheSheep reply Oh! I am surprised I have not played this game before. The graphics look very nice you know? Actually the moves and fighting style reminds me a bit of the first Xenogears! But on a 3d platform. Looks really fun! Is there online multiplayer support?
    • [ – ] AwesomeGames007 parent reply Yes there is! This is a mod of Smash 4. Smash 4 itself is a great game! They both have online support, but since Melee HD is a mod you have to play with someone with it installed or it will not work. Also thanks for another tip dude!
      • [ – ] BobbyTheSheep parent reply No problem on the tip human. Keep up the good work!! I did not know it's a mod, that's why I never see it before. The mod looks good!!! I will look into it, especially since there is MULTIPLAYER!!!
        • [ – ] BobbyTheSheep parent reply Also, I think I will do some exclusive videos soon, you know? I feel there is a lot of potential in this community and I want to show that I love it by making special videos for here. It seems good!!! Better than YouTube actually!
          • AwesomeGames007 parent reply I think in some ways it is. It is smaller, so it is easier to respond to people. Also there is no censorship. Vidme does not care what you do as long as you are not doing anything unethical.
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