I Dined With The Prophets - Encyclopedia Hermetica: A Big History (Part 7)

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  • yshrla reply The Israelites fled into Africa in 70ad. They were then sold byArabs/ismaelites to parts eastward, and the African/Hamites sold them to the European. Josephus the Roman historian said over a million Real Jews fled into Africa. TACITUS THE HISTORIAN SAID THE REAL JEWS WERE FROM AN ETHIOPIAN STOCK. When Christ comes back, all none believers and scoffers will feel his sword because his heritage was destroyed. JERIMIAH 50:11
  • yshrla reply You do realize that the israelites identity was beaten out of them during slavery. Old slave posters say they have HEEBOS FOR SALE. That sounds like HEBREWS. Old maps OF NEGROE LAND SHOW THE KINGDOM OF JUDAH. E1B1A DNA IS NEGROE/HEBREW. E1B1B IS HAMITES DNA/AFRICAN.
  • [ – ] yshrla reply Isaiah 14 chapter. The real descendents of Judah are the Negroes sold into slavery by slave ship. Deutoronomy 28:46 says the curses would prove who they are. No khazarian fits the curses, but the negroe fits them all. Joel chapter 3 says the israelites were sold to the GRECIANS. Who are their descendents? The Khazarian financed the slave trade, then stole the real jews identity.
    • WindHammer parent reply If negroes are the Israelites, then who wrote the scriptures? Negroes have always been illiterate.
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