Microsoft E3 2017 Reaction

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  • [ – ] ExitToShell reply Check it out: Xbox One X -> X. B. O. X.
  • cyrusmartin reply Well we all have a right to our own views. I thought it was boring and even deceptive the way they tried to present games as exclusives when they aren't. Price is too high and nothing stood out as a system seller.
  • NeilGrandeur reply I agree. The name of the new console leaves something more to be desired.
  • Cellprocessing reply Hey man first off good vid. But I think it was a great show. Pacing was great. I like the new console. Price is high but there is a long game here if you where paying attentions to what Phil been saying for two years. I don't disagree that more people will get the Xbox S now. I have a lot more to say about this and this show. But I have a stream to get ready for and won't have time to put everything here. I will have a video out after all the press conferences about my thoughts. But overall Xbox is a win
  • NinjaPoolboy reply HOO000ORRIBLE NAME, right price. Also... the Switch sucks, it's not a real console, it's a glorified portable. Also the 2 Xbox consoles are made so that developers don't have to make 2 different games for each one. They make on good game for Xbox OX and the APIs automatically downgrade the graphics for the Xbox O. Game developers don't make their games for ever single computer individually why would they have to do that for each Xbox?
  • Kirsche reply PUBG baby, let's go.
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