Miley Cyrus "Im Genderless and Ageless!".....what?

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  • yourvagismysafespace reply Why is she still here? Thought her and a bunch of celebrities were going to run down to old mexico to escape the presidency of Donald Trump? As they might actually believe that they have left, we shouldn't acknowledge anything they say or do unless they have a mariachi band playing in the background in the cantina that they're holed up in.
  • Aaronshy reply Genderless and ageless......I understand being transgender but she's not even trying to change her gender.....she sees herself as nothing but a spirit? It's Miley we're talking about if she any spirit it a demon.
  • Praedor_Belial reply Genderless my ass. She's a chick. A FEMALE. End of story. I HATE this full retard shit.
  • IrrelevantHero reply You've done a lot of good, man. :-) Originally heard about you through @ComputingForever ! Oh, and Miley Cyrus... You're a fucking 20-something year old female. Biology already dictated your god damn "label".
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