VidMe get back to work or stop wasting our time

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  • [ – ] duffy reply hi craig. vidme staff here. this post was removed for violating subreddit rules. for the record, UGI is not a common acronym in our field. i think what you're referring to is GUI? graphical user interface. both may be technically correct, but GUI is by far the most common. we're working to rate limit upvotes and followers to reduce spam. in general, spam activity is common problem on all social platforms. it's not unique to us. but you're right that there's more we can do to combat it. an edit comment feature opens up a a variety of issues on the platform that you may not have considered. we have made the deliberate choice not to introduce an edit comment feature for now. we've explained this many times in different venues. (it would also take more than 15 minutes to implement.) appreciate your constructive feedback. in the future, please refrain from insulting our team members or recommending they be fired. (that's why your post was removed.) it's really not cool. we're people just li...moreke you and we're working hard on building a platform with the goal to help creators like you succeed. anyhow, hope i answered some of your questions. have a great day. i'll stop wasting your time and get back to work now ;)
    • crua9 parent reply I got a comment notification saying you replied to my question, but I can't see it. Not sure if you deleted it, but I really really want to know if there is an actual reason to keep the upvote on all the pages instead of just the video pages. Also, no they do need to be fired. That or demoted, because this crap is stupid. Not only someone on your team is hard selling, not only is someone is showing up late to meetings, and not only that person doesn't understand the industry. They literally thought the person who posted the reddit link was the one who made a video on them deleting their channel here. I found this out here It is going to seem mean, but this is business. Is this why your company only has 9 million and not 20 million, 50 million, or so on? Here is my advice if VidMe wants to keep toxic people hired. Try to get reacquired by something like Indeed or one of these other job search sites. Having them buy VidMe out to act as their ...morevideo resume holder should be very very easy I would think. It's the next step in evolution in job hunting, and your platform is already built to the point where there is no reason why Indeed couldn't buy the company out by a good 20 to 50 million. Maybe more This was actually my point in this video. If this site doesn't want to straighten out with getting rid of toxic people within the company or the waste, then the company needs to stop wasting everyone's time and market itself under the table to other companies. That or it will die due to those toxic people.
    • crua9 parent reply >we're working to rate limit upvotes and followers to reduce spam So there is no plan to getting rid of the upvote from any page that isn't a video page? If not, why?
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