Angela Merkel Votes Against Gay Marriage and Pretends to Care About Tradition

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  • [ – ] VybeyPantelonez reply Probably looking to appease her newly imported voter base.
  • Cmygo reply Germany tried to save and liberate the world 75-80 years ago. Nowadays we can't even be trusted having an army or A-Bombs? Fallen from grace I guess ... wait what grace? We were always considered the evil and bad guy of Europe and the world. No grace to be found unless you are german yourself and actually learn a thing or two about your glorious nation, people and history :3
  • [ – ] mistrx reply I think Styx is too soft on Islam. He basically says "moderate" Islam is OK as long as it doesn't somehow influence him. But it is in Islam's DNA to influence everything and convert all to believers (or dispose of them). Sharia, Mohammad, Hadiths , Koran- That is Islam - evil totalitarian ideology covered as religion. I think Styx is wrong in apologising Islam.
    • VybeyPantelonez parent reply Perhaps, but styx is a good guy so ill give him a pass on this one. Lol i dont think theres anyone i follow who i agree with on **everything**
  • Switch-up-snowfox reply They also slipped in a bill that basically forces internet companies like facebook to basically send massive info reports of people who do wrongthink along with gay marriage.
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