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  • CattyDog reply 'What you were born with' Sorry, that's bullshit. It could be your normal voice, but I'd stuff a baby back where it came from if it had a deep voice like that. That voice is unique to you Suit. Good point, they take Allah's Law before 'Country Rules'
  • [ – ] Cardboard_Warrior reply You say over and over we give them an inch we give them a mile. So are you saying, you should be able wear religious clothes unless your Muslim? If we ban the hijob we have to cross. If we exclude Islam we have to destroy religious freedom.
    • CattyDog parent reply No,, he says RELIGION SHOULDN'T INTERFERE in state schools. No Hijabs according to the rules. Would you prefer a rule stating everyone should wear pope hats to 'honor' the Catholic religion, or a rule that all kids suddenly have to wear a cross with Jesus on it to 'honor' Christians? Private schools can do whatever they want, but state schools are PUBLIC, meaning they're owned by the public, not some group that controls/is made up of 2% of the population. OOPS...Sorry Suit. Just HAD to say my bit, didn't mean to steal your point.
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