MGTOW: The Mirrored Half of the same Coin. #MGTOW

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  • GoMGTOW reply I appreciate your candor... Men and boy's have a right to educate themselves on how to keep themselves from being used, abused, and assaulted by Women in a bastardized gynocentric society, the same society that is destroying families and killing Men! This is what Go MGTOW is all about, it's not about bashing Women, it's about trying to save our brothers from a life of abuse, enslavement, prison, or suicide. Only a heartless misandric hate group like Feminism could ever get a hashtag like #KILLALLMEN to trend on Twitter! Any Woman who subscribes to Feminism, advocates for that anti-male hateful threat against Men and boys alike. MGTOW is a positive resource and alternative lifestyle choice for Men because Gyno-Feminist society has left them with no other choice than to go their own way... But nowhere did we say that we would go quietly. Make no mistake.... I AM MY BROTHERS KEEPER! The reason why we are so loathed by Feminism is because our message is truth, and if you want to hear the t...moreruth, Go MGTOW!... If you rather hear a lie, go to hell. :)
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