the koran:great spiritual books of the world no 7

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  • [ – ] Mr2ndopinion reply The problem with ISIS is that they are illiterate people who don't understand what the koran means. That book talks about killing the infidel... it literally means killing the badness in yourself not going out there and slaying people's head and tearing down things. Isis is far from religious, they are very materialistic actually! So are many Christians, jews and/or whatever sometimes. They believe in things with their material mindset. It's a shame :(
    • Mr2ndopinion parent reply By, the way... I like how you see these books as the beauty of mankind. You have been fortuned not having to deal with people who have constantly abused it. I stopped reading it because every letter I took from it I saw being abused by my surroundings... I don't think it's a healthy book to read when your environment is poisonous. This book is definitely no reading material for when you live in such places.
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