Women Marrying Themselves Is a New Fast Growing Cultural Trend

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  • AItiger reply https://www.tnp.ph/2017/05/22/groom-cancelled-wedding-seeing-footage-bride-going-wild-bachelorette-party/ This another reason why men should go MGTOWN, ITS NOT WORTH IT. Marriage is a Joke an so are MEN the way they treat or value us as disposable utilities. No mortality
  • Unhipalmond360 reply I am hoping they will make a TV series of women self marrying themselves. I could be entertained by ridiculing how pathetic and narcissistic they are. I would not be surprised if they have a token man or two self marrying themselves although I would be skeptical if a man marry himself on a show, if anything they would have to pay a man to do that. Still a show like that would be quite entertaining.
  • [ – ] AxxL_Afriku reply what is a mgtow
  • [ – ] stormrookylassie reply Question so what if you want to adopt a child without getting married does that mean your not a mgtow?
    • branddino3 parent reply Mgtow are men going there own way its a philosophy of focusing on yourself and what makes you happy while not dealing with the bs of gynocentrism. Adopt a kid or you can make a kid through surrogacy. In 10-15 yrs artificial wombs should be on the market as well so another option if you want to go down that route later in the future. Just be happy and go your own way. Dont let anyone define what SHOULD make you HAPPY or HOW you SHOULD act. Til then remain happy, go your own way and do what makes you happy and fuck gynocentrism bs
  • AItiger reply The funny thing they complain how its immoral for guy to create technology to create baby without women, but they can get an abbortion without men or fuck another man before the wedding night ROFLMAO, AN PEOPLE are stupid to belive its still worth marrying in the day in age with laws stack against men. Morons/imbeciles/baffons brainwash by the system!
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