Impeach Trump or: How I Learned to Stop Fence-Riding and Hate the President

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  • paperfoxx7 reply Glad to see you up with the color lights on again. You voice is back to normal too, no more knockoff Alex Jones. Even if Trump is as smart as his cronies think he is, they can't deny that he has no sense of optics, and he can't spin any story or order in his favor whatsoever. The worst is like you point out, his staff CAN, but he just undermines all their efforts. I truly cannot imagine that he'll make it to the end of the year if he keeps such loose lips.
  • SamEarl13 reply Considering how he says stuff I thought he might be a little dumb but this is full blown idiotic, he's so desperate to be in control of every situation that he seems to be screwing everything up.
  • CraggBragg reply You got the Comey firing wrong, TJ. You inferred that Trump fired Comey solely because of the recommendation. So did the media. Or rather, the media implied it deliberately to manufacture a scandal and you inferred what they wanted you to. And like a schmuck, you bought the media narrative. Hook, line and sinker. At no time did any of his surrogates state that Trump fired Comey because of the recommendation. They only gave a timeline. You're not privy to the actual conversation between Trump, Sessions and Rosenstein. Neither are the press. The surrogates relayed the timeline of events, which was no lie and the interview with Trump clarified the decision making process that went on. That's all. You're too smart for this TJ. Don't be a schmuck.
  • Trap_Luverz reply TJ is here awesome!
  • IndecentContent reply Finally the old TJ is back
  • Envy-Noson reply That's what we get for not voting independent, fuck.
  • SilentAssassin reply Good to see you on vidme TJ, hope you're liking it better than youtube. These debacles with trump is holy shit insane. Where do you think things will go from here? My uncle thinks trump will be impeached in 3-6 months but he's a huge democrat so he's beyond excited for that possibility.
  • Pastel_Sloth reply This is a good video, TJ. I'm liking the reintroduction of the coloured lights in your video, also.
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