Video Evidence of Why You SHOULDN'T Believe Everything the "Experts" Say!

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  • [ – ] thtguyoverthere reply The real discovery here is that DINOSAURS HAVE LANDED IN SPACESHIPS WEARING RED CAPES AND NOBODY TOLD ME ABOUT THEM?
  • spiralmatrixx reply lmao, statists on youtube are cursing me out for denouncing mass murder and totalitarianism and their own hypocrisies.
  • spiralmatrixx reply i keep asking why people are unable to recognise reverse psychology, if you think im wrong, i invite you to go back and rewatch the youtube documentary about how the media shutdown Ron Paul with a media blackout instead of promoting him endlessly through negative reinforcement.
  • spiralmatrixx reply HighImpactFlix have you seen this yet? youd love it.
  • Magnus4g63 reply Well done !
  • [ – ] Ernst reply Remember the WWF? This is act 2 of the same show: MSM vs DJT. See this vid: to understand what is going on. Act 2 is done to raise the level of support for DJT until you will see him as your saviour and follow him like lemmings.... when TSHTF
  • DieNetaDie reply If i was so wrong in my work I would be fired
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