Scribe Work for the Disciples of Doom

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  • [ – ] theunbeholden reply Some Material on the subject of english works that are of use to the movement; The Manifesto of Race - The Elements of Racial Education -!MfpxkbiS!J7IOvqQVoMe3ToDopfLIOtbKHWOxw0y19ci0kv4P8Xg Three Aspects of the Jewish Question -!EWgykKKY!G-DPLqGuLqa_rtntrkymlwTg_sP_bcY-R_BOvXKe0AM Julius Evola's "Mussolini and Racism" [english] -
    • [ – ] doomguard1488 parent reply Thanks a lot man, I'll have to check into those.
      • [ – ] theunbeholden parent reply Who is Karl August Eckhart & Wilhelm Riel mentioned in the video? Can you provide German links?
        • [ – ] doomguard1488 parent reply Hold on Brother. I'll get back to you when I track them down. The guy who asked for help can tell me I'm sure.
          • theunbeholden parent reply Karl August Eckhardt - 'Irdische Unsterblichkeit': Wilhelm Heinrich Riehl - Bruno Bauer - Otto Hofler - 'Kultische Geheimbünde der Germanen' Leopold von Schroeder - 'Arische Religion': Not sure where to get Otto Hofler's book.
  • theunbeholden reply I could use the German names of those books: Otto Hofler Secret Cults of the Germanic Tribes, Leopold von Schroeder's Aryan Religion Volumes 1 and 2, and Bruno Bauer's books.
  • theunbeholden reply Nothing on what you mentioned. But I have alot on racial science:!kWBUGBJD!beHxJIXi3uPd8hMA88TqFI9kGOpSJSLzmwS0iTYX0ZA larger archive I found:
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