Wonder Woman - Quick and Dirty Review

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  • SkilledApple reply This is one of the first videos I've seen on Vidme, and I love it. Great movie, and good video!
  • WebNoob reply "Quick and Dirty" Um...
  • [ – ] ClimatePonziLie reply The biggest supporters and apologist for the ISLAMIC terrorist are women who championed ISLAM in the woman's march. Where is the wonder woman feminist standing up to the forces of evil. The message form the Amazon Queen of the Government of Germany after Christmas mass sexual assaults was. Ladies You have to accept it, What ! Is that her message GET USE TO IT said Merkel, NOT the words of a leader. Why is Merkel (Wonder Women) hiding behind her walls and armed guards. Would Wonder Woman quote GET USE TO IT as she put on her Burka. Look out wonder woman down. GET USE TO IT, that's the drivel of Merkel and NOT an empowered amazon kicking ass. The Terrorist sent a message in England Loud and Clear, just GET USE TO IT.
    • [ – ] shadowHavoc parent reply Wth does that have to do with the movie? Thanks for your input but I think wrong forum, I want want pancakes in every breakfast! Free Pancakes FOR ALL! -H@voc
      • [ – ] ClimatePonziLie parent reply Wonder Woman fights off the evil NAZI's, rubbish, the women of Europe held out their hands and welcomed the ISLAMIC refugees. This is their reward Head Lines Revealed: 1,200 women were sexually assaulted by 2,000 Migrants in German city New Year's Eve. There's NO Wonder Woman, Merkel tells them to ACCEPT IT. The Woman's March, so much outrage when Trump said "Grab her by the Pussy" They chant Kill Trump. When ISIS blows up 22 girls in England. HASH TAG # Pray of London. NO Feminist planed marches calling for a war on Jihad. Not a Woman protestor in sight. There is a disconnect to the message of Wonder Woman superhero the lack of response after 22 Girls are Murdered in London. Not ONE march or protest. My reply to the Women is leave it on the shelf, I don't see any Wonder Women in the room.
        • [ – ] JennyFedora parent reply oh man, this guy's off his meds. http://i2.kym-cdn.com/entries/icons/original/000/022/524/tumblr_o16n2kBlpX1ta3qyvo1_1280.jpg
          • [ – ] ClimatePonziLie parent reply Wonder Woman in WW2 when does Hollyweed move from Germany of 1945 to something closer to 2017. It's been 72 years, how long will they avoid the last 70 years of history next she can appear fighting the Dinosaurs or maybe in the old west.. To me it just more politics and propaganda. Hitler was bad Hollyweed milking it too death. Can they get another 70 years of milking WW2 Germany while avoiding the last 70 years. The truth is everyone wants to pretend that WW2 was our great victory when it was the victory of our Grand fathers. NEWS Break the War with ISLAM, look like we lost when 22 Girls are killed and Not one holds a protest march. Stop pretending that a tweet Pray for London Pray for France, means anything. This latest Movie might as well stay on the shelf because from what saw after the 22 girls died was truly uninspiring. Realistically the Tweet should be Hash TAG: GET USE TO IT
            • [ – ] JennyFedora parent reply That's nice. I'm glad you are not talking about the Wonder Woman movie. The movie is set in WW1. #dccinematicuniverse has changed the origin of Wonder Woman from the comics.
              • [ – ] ClimatePonziLie parent reply To me their completely related, I can't see a movie about a Strong Amazon Superwoman kicking Butt. After seeing that there was NO Woman's march in response to the attack that directly targeted women and killed 22 of them. I won't pretend there are any Wonder Women out there. I'm NOT going to pay money to sit there and pretend that Wonder Woman is a representative of the Brave Women of England. Sorry too me after seeing the respond that took place, WONDER WOMAN is dead. Hash TAG Get use to it.
                • [ – ] shadowHavoc parent reply If you would like a 🎥 on the blight of war from the last 70 years watch good morning Vietnam, American sniper, redacted, act of valor, and dirty war. Movies are supposed to breed hope and dreams and actions. Multiple hotheaded post on this forum does about as much for your cause as 1 dollar in the global market. People came here for a review and you think trashing the FIRST female lead superhero movie your going to spur awareness? Not a chance but instead of wasting your time commenting and trying to bring down a mile stone for the industry, why don't you start your march for what you seek? Be the wonder woman you said doesn't exsist! #quitwhininganddoit
                  • [ – ] ClimatePonziLie parent reply My point is the women didn't rally after the concert where 22 young women were killed, if women won't stand up for their cause, then whey should men either. I won't be their champion. I only have to say to them is shame, shame, shame on you feminist.
                    • [ – ] shadowHavoc parent reply Countries and artists rallied! EVERYONE rallied, WTF and it wasn't 22 women 6 of them were MEN. It is tragic.....please be better informed and stop with the hate....I will give you a hug.
                      • ClimatePonziLie parent reply To bad you see it as hate when it's disgust, I used the same words Shame, shame, shame, that the feminist used so your telling me that feminist are hateful. The number of dead girls is less than 22, 6 men died get the facts right. The FACT is WOMEN were the target. that is the message.. If your intent on Hugging someone ISIS needs a hug. The NAZI didn't get enough hugs either, Hugs for everyone. The movie is probably good and I will retire to my safe space because criticism of a lack of actual response by the women groups in England is in your eyes an attack on the woman's cause. Be brave and Champion on, to a glorious victory. That will $15.00 plus TAX.
        • shadowHavoc parent reply Nothing to do with the 🎥! It sucks and needs to have something happen but HOW does this review have anything to do with it.
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