TRIBUTE TO THE GREATEST GAME EVER - Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town - SINGLE PLAYER!! - Part 1

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  • [ – ] SaraStarshine reply Did the Old Man just invent Airbnb? I loved Story of Seasons at first, but upgrading the house all the way is being such a pain that I lose willpower and there's a lot going on that I just don't want to deal with, like decorating the town. I need those materials for the dang house!! lol
    • SinglePlayer parent reply I'm like 99% sure that most innovative ideas started first in video games. I started SoS a while back and fell off the bandwagon as well. Sometimes the newer games give you SO much to do at once, it's too overwhelming.
  • KinTailFox reply Oh my god, the Zack voice just cracked me up. x3 THAT'S IT, STICK A FORK IN ME, I'M DONE
  • [ – ] KinTailFox reply This really takes me back to my childhood. Could not be more happy that someone is doing a good playthrough of it! I'll be stalking this series till the end. Love it.
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