Philosophy(ish) Ep. 1 - Alien Concepts

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  • [ – ] OuttaSite reply I too find it incredibly hard to believe that we are 'alone' in the universe. I listened to a great podcast (I forget which) around a year ago with someone explaining that If advanced alien life does exist then they've probably already visited us and may well continue to do so. The old pics of UFO's, that are actually visible to us, doesn't make a great deal of sense. If they're technologically advanced enough to reach us from planet 'Frolgon 12' then they'd be stealthing their asses of every second of the visit.
  • [ – ] iiMitor reply I do think that there are aliens from other planets out there. It's possible that we don't see them because they probably hide themselves from us. Or it's even possible that we have seen them or been in contact with them, but just don't realize it because the idea is so hard for us to comprehend that we completely ignore it and dismiss it (our brains sometimes do that to illogical or un-understandable things)
  • Flying_Purple_Pizzas reply It's amazing how many movies feature scary aliens. I guess they are seen as more entertaining. I think in talking about aliens, we have to decide what the term "alien" means. Does it mean a life form that originated on another planet and came here? How about beings that are here but keep themselves hidden? How about beings from another dimension? How about angels? Is the Creator an alien? And how open are we to these possibilities existing out there? Or existing here already? Maybe you've already met one, or several even, and not known it. If I was an alien, an angel, or the Creator in human form, would you be able to accept that? Or is it easier and safer to believe that those things are only possible out there? Anyway, awesome topic! Good job!
  • ScribbleSeal reply Thank you all for watching! So, aliens, yay or nay?
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