TL;DR - I am become rationalist skeptic

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  • RagingKitten reply If you didn't put that animated background in, I wouldn't have got to the end.
  • [ – ] White_Eagle reply This is a great diss on Armoured Skeptic but also an awesome parody of the skeptic community even though I enjoy many of their videos. Everyone needs a piece of humble pie every now and then.
  • iAmEnglishTV reply Oh my the amount of shade being thrown is to hilarious!
  • officialrevenge reply While I do agree with some of the stuff you say there are some stuff that's rather anecdotal, and brash. For instance, I am not a "skeptic" because honestly calling myself a skeptic is actually pretty retarded. The art I get for my videos is rarely ever free or made by me, mainly because I often commission friends and artists I like for the art which can range anywhere from 40-100$. I also use a desk top that doesn't come with a built in mic, that stuff doesn't come cheap either. Decent microphones can range anywhere from 50-1000$. I recently had to replace my old mic for one that's 137$ because 1. It broke. 2. I'm more than just an opinion youtuber, I'm a musician, and voice actor. So I need a good mic to maintain a quality standard. I also use software that isn't free. I use sony vegas for my videos and fl studio for my voice acting and music. And those programs also aren't free or cheap. I also use services like sound cloud which costs money to post there once you pass a cer...moretain amount. I only say my opinions on stuff that I feel is important, and to keep a flow of content because when it comes to my music and voice acting, its quality over quantity. Plus it helps build a connection with my audience, because they get to have a peek into my mindset. If i just posted my music and voice acting and nothing else the audience can't relate to me, I would just be some faceless unrelatable entity that posts music and skits about animatronic furries. Plus it also helps with variety, and it keeps my eggs out of one basket. It helps broaden my demographic, and audience. That way if I have to suddenly stop doing one of my other hobbies i have other content to fall back on. Plus being a one trick pony will eventually get boring. TL;DR my content has a budget, I only speak my mind on what I feel is important, and to keep variety, and it helps with audience building and retention. Otherwise you hit it pretty hard on the nose.
  • AndyBerlino reply I came here for the lols
  • Cmygo reply *whispers* t r a d e m a r k
  • WinterNight reply Teal deer are the most savage animals of all.
  • UnauthorizedExpression reply This is precisely why I don't bother listening to TL;DR anymore. Such a condescending arrogant prick.
  • GlobalizationInQuestion reply My videos take a lot longer to make ;) but Im one of these assholes thats in it for his own sake
  • bennymountain1 reply omg are you a furry, dtf antlers on, pm me.
  • SemiZeroGravity reply whos this TealDear guy? he sounds alot like TL;DR
  • Totunda reply Why is Teel Deer shitting on Undoomed? What have I missed?
  • Boodang reply This guy is wonderful! Biting satire, expert delivery and urgent content.
  • cooking-with-zaphod reply Pretty heady video here friend. Great stuff!
  • Zero2 reply Man this is funny
  • Der_Shingen reply Me, an intellectual, picking the lowest fruit, just to prove how smart I am though all my points are moot. Look at me so rational, a skeptic of the times, let’s debate feminism a few hundred more times. "Donate to my Patreon so you can get more of my enlightened BRITISH ACCENT."
  • Commentguy2 reply TealDeer you always get it spot on with every video you do
  • rgrhm reply Brilliant. You've had a lethal exposure to skeptics
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