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  • [ – ] Lookatroll reply Check out "An Early Start for Your Child with Autism: Using Everyday Activities to Help Kids Connect, Communicate, and Learn" === , "101 Games and Activities for Children With Autism, Asperger’s and Sensory Processing Disorders (Family & Relationships)" all are on amazon.
  • [ – ] Christina_Blackfeather reply Schizophrenia is an organic brain disorder. While harassment of the patient can exacerbate the symptoms, it does not CREATE the illness. She had that illness before you met her. It was not created by anyone. But you also stated you withheld her medications. That helped make her symptoms worse.
    • [ – ] VonHelton parent reply Nope. I was the one that made sure she got her meds. I was an orderly for 14 years. Her meds are still on top of the fridge. I had hoped that this was just some really bad nightmare. Guess I can throw them away now. She ain't coming back.
  • [ – ] peterekeumbotbotaway reply Fucking funny as hell. All these people, commenting on this man's videos. But you talk about him behind his back like he's a dog. Okay, so he's a dog, but is that reason to smile in his face and pretend you're his friend while backstabbing him? The fake witch below is the worst of them all.
    • [ – ] Christina_Blackfeather parent reply It also does not mean I like Von either. Too many lies to be had, but if he will read a book to help his son, fine.
    • [ – ] Christina_Blackfeather parent reply If there can be some way to get it into someone's head how to deal with their own child who has trouble, than it's worth trying. That poor kid has enough trouble. Does not mean I'm helping Von. You stupid ass.
      • [ – ] VonHelton parent reply The haters sure got into Andrea's head, since she now hears voices telling her to KILL her husband & kids! Where's the condemnation of the haters who did that??
        • Christina_Blackfeather parent reply I already told you schizophrenia is already there and is not caused by other people. Google it!!! You don't listen to anything anyone tells you! Gods!!!
  • Christina_Blackfeather reply There are lots of resources online for parents to study and learn about their child's autism. PLEASE do not wait until the state evaluates. Jerry needs you to start learning now. You have to give him his best chance.
  • [ – ] Christina_Blackfeather reply This once abused kid received a lot of awards in school. I told you that. Just pointing that out. I'm not the only one. So you are wrong there. That said, are you doing any research on dealing with Jerry's autism? There are lots of books and resources.
  • [ – ] SouthWest reply Von, why have you forsaken the lord? You know the lord performed a miracle and brought you back to life in a church. What more evidence do you need of his power and glory? The lord gave you life and now you blaspheme him.
    • [ – ] VonHelton parent reply Certainly, the gods brought me back from the dead, similar to what happened to Thoth. However, a god created by ancient Rome to fool thew masses has no power. At best, Jesus is Helios, the god that moves the sun. At worst, non existent at all. Understand that I'm not saying this is be an asshole, but I refuse to live a lie, even if that lie is a spiritual one.
      • [ – ] SouthWest parent reply Dude! You were resurrected in a CHURCH! The church is the house of God! You repay him by worshiping false idols and gods..... unbelievable
  • [ – ] DrBrownSword reply Sir.Helton, are you positive that the children are yours? If your ex-wife spent a large amount of time having intimate sexual relationships with other men online, we have to consider the fact that she could have cheated on you in real life. Have you done or considered doing a DNA test to get proof positive? Wish you all the best. Take care.
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