Step One To A Fresh Look - My Bedroom | OnlyErin

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  • Star_Wars6collector reply I had to re-buy all the vintage toys I lost and that was costly, so don't make that mistake because the things you have do make you happy,
  • [ – ] Star_Wars6collector reply my 7 year old daughter loves playing with the star wars toys I bought, so save your toys because when you have kids later on in life the toys help to build imagination,
    • [ – ] OnlyErin parent reply I only took down the movie posters and things I cut out of birthday cards that I stuck on my wall I'm keeping all of my toys don't worry
      • Star_Wars6collector parent reply also collect old money(gold coins), some beanie babies are worth thousands, you can hang them from a netting and screw in hooks into beams in the ceiling for an idea, you should also collect action figures, my daughter loves to play with Ewoks,
  • Star_Wars6collector reply get some shelves and always keep your toys because many people make the mistake of selling things that are worth a lot, I did before and you feel like you lost a great part of your-self,
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