Youtube Goes Full 1984, Promises to Hide "Offensive" Content Without Recourse- We Must Oppose This

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  • [ – ] lylelf21 reply Just made a Vidme account. Prepared to switch over
    • EisVisage parent reply I switched in September last year, and I'm glad that at least some of my favourite Youtubers also did by now.
  • SleepySnarf reply Just a reminder people you can download your old videos on youtube, im already making the transition to move all 1k+ of my gameplay videos to vidme.
  • HikikomoriYume reply Hey! Just saw your video on yt about their new censorship. The final bit in your video about the early days of youtube is what encouraged me to come back to this site. I was there, in the early days. I remember being able to upload whatever the fuck you wanted as long as it wasn't copywrite material or illegal. The WAR begins now. Idk about but I'll be watching your channel here.
  • Sock_Puppet reply Between Minds and Vidme I had no reason to keep subscribed to the political channels on youtube that I wasn't getting notifications for anyway.
  • Liberty_Surveillance reply I've moved to providers that use vidme even if their YT is still active. they need to get the message
  • mathphysicsnerd reply We will struggle to keep our ability to speak, but we will prevail. If YouTube is so intent on killing itself, so be it.
  • FunkyMunky reply A machine will never understand sarcasm or irony
  • Liberty_Surveillance reply do a google search for any news and see that they push the left sites first. You need to get to the 3rd page to get anything useful...They have already gone thru your email.
  • png46 reply I'm here because of The Styxen, joined because of The Styxen and I will stay because of The Styxen. #fuckyoutube
  • TheAutOracle reply You can't kill an idea. For the sake of free speech, we'll migrate as many times as we must!
  • Prepperymike reply I made a videme account too. I thought about trying my hand at creating some youtube content but no way with what they're doing now.
  • Bal6fs2 reply Dunky just sayin
  • Bal6fs2 reply Totally like off the rails dude like,,,,,, like ya know what im saying bro...... Totoaly like groooody dude, like like like yaaaa, like gag me me with aspoon. Fuc where im i going with this.._.__.___. WOooooooooo beer woooo um Brady...._. Woooooooo
  • Bal6fs2 reply Grumpy mr poopy pants i will be... But your moma does your laundry sooooo, family secret
  • Bal6fs2 reply We can oppose all we want .._.. What we all need to realize is that any and every platform we see as a soap box is private owned.___. Which means, if I created this company, I FUCKING SAY WHaT FUCK HAPPENS.._ IN MY FUcCKINg creation, you slolding mfers ._..... Ipay your paychecks, shit rolls down hill, ihave to suck so much cock just be able to you mfers , ya think i own this jag out rite? Its all creadit fuck face... Anyway ya thats how it works ... I think.._HENCE thats why i and___ TARL can say it in a more articulate way, that is why i am here. Mmph
  • Bal6fs2 reply How bout this Stix(Tarl)(respectfuly) how bout this, can a Cyclops see double vision ? Ppl speak .___ ask him somthing. Tarl what do you think adout state governers leaving there dessions up to there wife, who was elected, lapage\thrump ? do you see it?
  • PsychoticPhilosophyPodcast reply I took your advice and made a video about it as well
  • [ – ] IdeoNaut reply I just wish this place had all the CLASSIC YouTube/MySpace style features though, that would actually be awesome.. We need WALLPAPERS, COLOR OPTIONS and OPTIONAL FOLDER ARRANGEMENTS.. VidMe - This is your GOLDEN oppertunity; this is what we want!
  • JackVonFeral reply I'm already seeing 4chan preparing for the very thing you're talking about at 16:35. Get ready everyone, for a full blown civil shit war on Youtube, and the only loser in this situation will be Google/Youtube. I'm so glad I made the switch. Still have my account on Youtube, but I wouldn't be surprised if I decide to delete it based on how the winds will blow.
  • [ – ] Arise212x reply Just when I finally start getting serious about making content on youtube, they pull this crap. First they punish people by taking away ad money just for expressing a political opinion or telling a "dirty joke," and now they don't want you on the site at all if you want to express yourself. It just gets worse and worse and it will be the death of the site if they really go down that road. In a way, it kind of serves them right, but I'm worried that vidme might go down the same road to appease corporate sponsors. Why can't we just have a real FREE SPEECH video site?
  • abetterwest reply Styx how can you be angry about how YT is going on the offensive against free-speech and content that doesn't fit the narrative? The companies that own and operate YT are globalist (communist) organizations who are seeing nationalism surging through their data. They want to shut it down.
  • StolenMoment reply ewetoob will always have a huge audience that is entirely apolitical. DIY, hobbies, gaming, cooking, academics, travel and a lot of other rather neutral subject matter. I mostly stay where I can watch like minded hate mongers.
  • SleepySnarf reply Just a reminder people you can download your old videos on youtube, im already making the transition to move all 1k+ of my gameplay videos to vidme.
  • Shimeran reply Bit of a tangent, but if you do switch your email you might want to look at tutanota. It uses end to end encryption and has been working for me well so far.
  • Liberty_Surveillance reply I'm sorry Dave I can't do that.
  • Ephrom_Josine reply Even as someone who is on the left on YouTube I am worried about this and made a video inspired by this, thank you styx
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