Defending Europe from NGOs Destabilization

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  • [ – ] Politics_N_Games reply If you watch the videos on the PeterSweden YouTube channel, you'll see that the Italian government are also involved in bringing refugees to Italy.
  • Auceza reply Black Pigeon Speaks the truth.
  • [ – ] Fullfasc reply They are economic migrants, but not in the sense they're going to do any important work. They're going to Europe to impregnate our beautiful women. How many of YOU have children? The (((Banks))) are certain these aggressive sub saharan africans are going to breed and make certain the population/economy stays afloat. They can deal with the chaos later.
  • [ – ] WhiteWolf2412 reply They are illegal aliens, invaders meant to destroy European civilisation and European peoples. I think Italy is very close to sending war ships to enforce it's borders... one can hope at least ...
  • [ – ] theicediamond7 reply wax saro's
  • [ – ] reverendsimonsideways reply If the boats where turned back like Australia did they would end the migration of these parasites
    • WhiteWolf2412 parent reply Yes, but Australia had government who cared about their own ... EU cares only about destruction of Europe and Europeans ... that's the difference ... that's why NGO human traffickers are not legally persecuted , as explained in video above.
  • [ – ] wolfalexzemla reply Just fill up a giant cruse ship and bring them right in. Maggot crisis
    • [ – ] WhiteWolf2412 parent reply You think crazy leftist SJW would not do something that ? Think again.. in UK they proposed confiscations of houses of wealthy inhabitants of Kensignoton borough in order to house Grenfell ''victims'' ... if survivors of Grenfell fire were White native Britons they would not suggest something like that for sure.
  • DankMcDreamcast reply Even with demographic changes in the US, at lease we're trying to reverse it and trying to fix the damage and elected Donald Trump. At lease we care about our demographic change some what. Europe get smart. I think there will at lease be little pockets of good areas in the US at lease by 2050, while most of Europe is not caring about the problems. I talked to Europeans and they seemed like they don't care and when they do care they don't really see the problem of big government while Americans tend to be more weary about the demographic changes and government corruption, at lease on a economic sense if it's the most neutral of people. I think the + 1st + 2nd + 4th + 10th + other amendments and small government culture in the US is keeping our country somewhat more stable than European countries.
  • [ – ] MyChemicalLife reply This is geocide! Italy is losing its original population! Fuck virtue signalers! If this was happening here in America, our president would be trying to stop it as well! Oh wait, he is and the same people who are not effected by the influx of illegal immigrants are the one's trying to stop it. Its not hard to see how there isolation from the impact of there destructive presence blinds them. While the people who are on the front grounds of this onslaught are screaming for help!
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