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  • PREPVETUK reply Saw the video from the KGB Agent... I Re-Tweeted it. This ties in with the Kalegri plan, however....i think it is a combination of factors. The Law plays a massive part in this. We are now in a position in time where the Laws have outstripped common sense... The Police do their part and very effectively, then the Judges devalue the system and justice plays no real detterence.... The right to offend, the right to say no, the right to deny etc etc. We are all being manipulated and the fight for resources, the fight for our space and the fight for our beliefs has gone down the pan.... I cannot see a real happy future at this current rate of decline in society!
  • RichardHewitt53 reply We are only free to agree.
  • RichardHewitt53 reply Saddam couldn't be allowed to speak because he would have said he got his chemical weapons from the UK.
  • RichardHewitt53 reply I wasn't sure if the KGB bloke was saying the KGB was doing it Europe or it was someone else using their tactics.
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