Moonmans Dad White Hot Summer Deathsquad

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  • MoonmansDad reply Intro: K,K,K Moonman: Moonman Put a nigger in a trashcan You cannot sue me for damages These Africans acting like animals Put them down, underground If you're brown Get the fuck out of my town Moonman up in this bitch Watch me murder kikes and spics Getting banned from YouTube While the Jews are getting fucking rich K,K,K Kill the gays White Power Moonman's Dad: 1488 White Hot Summer jams Redpilled white man Praise Kek (REEEEEEEEEEEE) Shadilay You niggers and spics better lock your doors today Moonman: Good night, anti-white Good night, left-side Dox you, hack you Then attack you Til you all have fucking died You've got low IQ And you're owned by fucking Jews Beg for mercy, you fucking nigger I've got my finger on the trigger It's a White Hot Summer Motherfucker Music for the Invisible War It's high time we settle the score Learn practical skills Stop masturbating If you're proud to be white Start making babies In the slums, niggers are selling that weed and crack In the darkness,...more death squads are prepared to attack Pinochet Rodridgo Duterte If you're a Commie Stay the fuck out of my way White Hot Summer Moonman's Dad: Triple K Mafia
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