The Meaning of Mirrors in Movies

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  • Calibri_Funtimes reply This was really fascinating. I personally always find myself instantly tensing up whenever I see a mirror in a horror movie. I just KNOW I'm going to see something I'm not going to like! Creepy! Thank you for sharing!
  • grahamburdick reply I just found your channel and I just wanna say you're doing excellent. I love these types of videos and I'm excited to see them on vidme. Keep it up!
  • zoma43 reply loved this
  • DatPeruvian reply Very interesting
  • duffy reply always so interesting!
  • RockStarAz reply Who has held a mirror to mirror and seen What I call Reflections to Infinity ? Freaked Me out then and now , Especially when in some refections your own personal image is missing !! Try it and Freak "Yourselves out tonight!"
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