#SpokenWord: Art & Poetry Is What I Carry | Audio Version | Poetry Book Promo

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  • [ – ] USUandS reply oof the power behind those words be ringing hard with me, and i do mean most of them ;P another great poetic burst of passion if I don't say so myself Tiff!
  • [ – ] diversitydialogue reply Right on PoeticOldSoul. Nice to see poetry on Vidme. I've seen vids on the Button Poetry channel but sadly their website says "We do not accept unsolicited poems or videos." Yet they have contests on their channel at times.
    • PoeticOldSoul parent reply Thank you, thank you, thank you...especially QUEER poetry *wink*, I needed to be expressed :-D ...I used to be subbed to Button Poetry, but lost interest, fuck 'em LOL!
  • [ – ] Daboetry_17_Poetry reply 😂 You funny! Your channel will stay on repeat! I got one erotica up now called Kisses By Twilight.
  • [ – ] Daboetry_17_Poetry reply I hear you ma! We plus sized sistas gotta stick together-no matter who we loving! I absolutely love what you said and how you said it! Sex IS Poetry...when you're doing it right, especially with the right person that brings the rhymes and rhythms out of you!
    • PoeticOldSoul parent reply OH MY GLORY :-O A COMMENT THAT I RESONATES IN ME & CAN SEE WHO THE FUCK I AM, HA! Yessss sis, YAAAAASS *SNAP* LOL, thank you so much, see...you get it, you fucking GET IT LMAO *high five*!!! You just made my night with your comment & gave me so much life...like...wow...thank you Daboetry_17, now I got to check YOU out! LOL Also, do a lil' marathon of my vids, it's worth it, TRUST LOL! ;)
  • [ – ] YannickTaylor reply Sis, This is POWERFUL!!!! I'm getting my life right now
  • [ – ] Roamancing reply Beautiful and empowering! You go girl! Excited for your book.
  • [ – ] JustABloke reply Telling it like it is, you're so good with words.
  • [ – ] Ms_K reply dope spoken WORDS!!!
  • ZTV_Productions reply Love, you need to read this book of yours to us right here! I enjoyed this little excerpt. The emotion, power, and realness you put behind your work is still second to none!
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