You Can't Fight A Painting

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  • milascenta reply Fucking Nicola Sturgeon..
  • MysticChicken reply Do you know what privilege is? Being able to say what you want, with out recourse. Being able to accessing public areas while excluding the public.
  • JAVide0 reply 'he's a we fanny' haha
  • NapoleonBonaparteRising reply The black dude may be dumb, but he has pretty good form for punching. I bet he would get his ass kicked in a fight though.
  • RDSHorizon reply Poor guy, paid to whinge about lack of privilege.
  • BoxNine reply Just sour because the people of Africa have no history, they all din du nuffin.
  • Malickite reply Great video, man!
  • MysticChicken reply You want a painting, get one done and after your dead in 200 to 300 years if it's survived it might just might end up on a wall of a gallery? if you are extremely lucky. Cant blame a people that were in to art as a form of recording history?
  • SFJellyfish reply Scotland is a magical land
  • Apathy1 reply hey got fucking paid to make it jesus dude...
  • OutsideTheCircle reply Isn't the most well known and celebrated person on the planet right now a black woman? :/
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