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  • [ – ] YoutubeMigrant reply Hi Stef! Great to find your Channel here! Migrated here from Youtube yesterday to escape Goolag! ;-)
    • disqus197 parent reply +YoutubeMigrant - greetings ! I also am a fugitive from Youtube - what they're doing there with their repression of alternative political views is ... what's the word? ... disgusting ... unforgivable !
    • euanaustin parent reply Welcome aboard! Remeber to use ProtonMail (or others) as alternative to Gmail, and DuckDuckGo/Brave search engines in the Pale Moon browser (or whatever your preference) if you haven't already :)
  • HenrikG reply Watching you on for the first time. One hickup with the video, otherwise okey.
  • BoogieFabulous reply Moved to Vidme after hearing about the ADL's involvement in YouTube's new "thought policing" algorithm.
  • disqus197 reply nice to see you here Stefan - I will be a regular visitor to Vidme from now on !
  • Helgamond reply Keep up the great work, Stephan!
  • PsychoticPhilosophyPodcast reply Kim Jong Un is a literal, vampire, potbellied, goblin.
  • [ – ] NBCNews reply My thoughts on the #NorthKorea situation. 1. THE DEEP STATE WANTS WAR: The #deepstate wants war and is bringing it on @realdonaldtrump because I believe that the deep state never wanted Trump in the first place, never thought that he'd get into the White House and thought that @hillaryclinton was a shoe-in, and is basically throwing him under the bus by inciting/starting a very profitable war, which has always been on the table, always a part of the agenda, and has been what they were going to bring to fruition with #Hitlery from the very beginning. The deep state isn't friends with Trump that much is clear. They wanna push him into this conflict at any cost. It's why we're seeing an amplification in the #MSM pushing this war. 2. ECONOMICS: This has a lot to do with economics and plays into the #petrodollar itself and a crumbling currency which is based on nothing. Even crypto currencies have more integrity than the dollar which at the least is based on an algorithm. #bitcoin is no...morew trading above $3000. We got the likes of #athereum and dozens of other competing currencies which are breaking the mold, and in some cases changing the game of international banking, relationships, and basically #followthemoney. And so the deep state NEEDS war to support the crumbling dollar, infrastructure, protect the petro trade, and protect against its enemies. 3. HISTORY RHYMES: Why is #kimjongun threatening Guam? What does he gain by bombing the US? Let's just say hypothetically that he does launch nuclear missiles at California and wipe out say 10s of millions of people. What does Kim Un gain from decimating a bunch of #libtards? What does he gain? Think about it it's an important question. In my opinion he gains nothing. I think that he honestly believes that he may end up in a ditch like #ghadafi who was murdered covertly and pretty much overtly by #NATO and US forces, or end up like #saddamhussein and other figures that the deep state has outright murdered. This is what we've seen in the Middle East, Iraq, Libya, Ukraine, etc. And he's thinking oh shit I might be the next guy to be slaughtered. Because it's part of the agenda. So what does he have to gain? His only motivation is his own survivability. And he knows because it should be obvious to anyone who is reading this is that he's a target of the deep state and the globalist agenda to destabilize that part of the world. Then again it's BIGGER than just #northkorea. 4. ALL EYES ON CHINA NK IS JUST A PROXY: this is what people don't understand. 99.999% percent of the people not you the readers specifically. But most of the people out there that tune in and beLIEve the #MSM bullshit rhetoric don't understand. It's not necessarily North Korea that you should be worried about. It's China! North Korea is a proxy to China, like how Iran is a proxy to Russia and how Syria is a Proxy to Iran. If North Korea strikes first then you better believe that he has the full blessing of Beijing. 5. DEPOPULATION: so here's the big question and I'm not gonna answer it for you. I want you to think about it and I want you to leave it in the comments. Why would they want war? Why would they want war against the most powerful military in the world? What do they benefit from that war? Why do they want that war now? Why would they want that bloodshed? Why would they want subsequent nukes going off around the world? And counterstrikes? The 1st strikes, preemptive strikes and counterstrikes? Why would they want that much death and bloodshed? Why would they want to see civilians murdered? How does it benefit anyone? More importantly what's the #endgame? I've read about this for over a decade and I'm currently 23 so you can guess when I started going down the #rabbithole. In my honest opinion I think the endgame is #depopulation. They want to get rid of you. You're not needed anymore. When 5 of the biggest tech companies controls the resources and model of production/distribution/profit they don't need you anymore. They need some of you to keep the engine going, to lube the system. But now with the development of AI, and robotics, and these companies like @google investing in #bostondynamics which are fighting these new wars of the future. They don't need you anymore. You're USELESS! Even @zuck is talking about how he wants a universal income. He wants to give you "FREE" money. They don't need you. How do you think the elites like @elonmusk who takes GIANT multi billion dollar subsidies from the US federal government do that #tesla and these other companies can stay afloat. How do you think @jeffbezos thinks of you the little man? They absolutely despise you! They think of you as weak. They think of you as something that they need to get rid of. Why do they need you? They don't. So they can dole out some universal income to you? They don't need you. It's about depopulation. 6. THE MAJOR SHIFT, THE TIMES DEFINE THE POLITICS: And this about take it from a guy who in his spare time likes to read books about economics, this is about a transformational shift in banking, in economics, and most importantly POWER. @realdonaldtrump said something recently in a tweet or something. I'll paraphrase "America will always be the greatest country in the world." But to say something like that well then you're a freaking idiot. It is a known FACT that every civilization has crashed and burned. Every major civilization has collapsed. from the Akkadians, to Egypt, to the Mayans, to the Romans, and most recently the British empire in 1999 after they gave Hong Kong back to China has of course faded away. And so to will the US collapse. It's practically inevitable with the debt clock, the 150-300 trillion dollars in unfunded liabilities, the big elephant in the room that no one seems to talk about the 3 quadrillion dollar derivative bubble popping. So yeah if you don't watch yourselves you might not be the greatest nation in the world at some point in the future. If you don't prevent these wars from starting, if you don't try to bring humanity together in a meaningful way, and to protect from your OBVIOUS enemies, then you will fall. It's a highly mathematical, very pragmatic certainty.
    • AmandaAnderson_1 parent reply That is what we see from the surface level. The reality is that no one becomes the leader of the free world contender without the consent of the elite in this world.
  • richardboom reply Here's the American perspective in 5 pointers: 1. Everybody is crazy, except America. Kim? Crazy! Putin? Crazy! Assad? Crazy! Gaddafi? Crazy! Hilary Clinton? The BEST! Obama? Best president, launched more air strikes than any of the previous US presidents, increased US bases 130% from Bush's time, distabilized Libya, and winner of Nobel peace prize. 2. Freedom, democracy, and right to self-determination, else regime change and distabilization of your country! 3. Nobody can have, develop, use nuclear weapons because its evil... America needs to modernize its nuclear arsenal... because Russia! 4. "We're the good guys! They're the bad guys." Russia bad. North Korea bad. America good. Therefore everything we do is good. 5. Train and fund terrorists then wage ware against them. If you understand and agree to those 5 pointers, the things that the US does will make sense.
  • NatureGuy reply Usually you have good insights but when you say people who believe in an afterlife are more prone to take a life as opposed to an athiest, that is absolutely false. Usually people who believe in God believe life is sacred and usually will not take a life. Whereas people who believe in nothing are much more less prone to value life, no less view it sacred. Case and point abortion.
  • AmandaAnderson_1 reply Two reasons I don't believe this will happen: China is going to have a population dump since the One Child law backfired for their economy so they will need people and support trade. The next reason is that my USA houses the single most powerful nuclear warheads in the world in history. All in all it would be fundamentally stupid to enact a war. Perhaps a coup so that South Korea can come in and absorb the area but not war. I don't see it at all.
  • nomore2partysystem reply Here's hoping peace and cool heads will prevail.
  • mindmuser reply Very thoughtful commentary with some good historical context. The notion that NK leadership is "crazy" as a reason for the current tensions is lame at the least. We would do well to try and understand their view of the outside world, the US in particular. In other words, think like the enemy. This is a serious situation.
  • jjbraddock reply Time for China to reign in their boy. Millions of troops will mean shit. Nukes will take out billions.
  • mantax reply Fck ggl
  • [ – ] mattytripps reply How come im not the first to comment?
  • [ – ] PastaFascist reply Excellent Stefan. I argue that repeated, escalated, verbal threats + the deployment of nukes pointed at US is the only justification US needs to preemptively nuke NK .
    • PastaFascist parent reply Better to attack NK first than let them strike US first. US preemptive first attack will have fewer net casualties on both sides.
  • [ – ] GeorgeEnglish reply NK not in the world banking system = destruction of NK.
    • [ – ] Endommageur parent reply I'm becoming increasingly convinced that this Jews are behind everything meme is a leftist con to get people to support Palestine and Islamic causes.
      • totallyrad parent reply Using our historically useful tribalistic tendencies to divide and conquer, imo.
      • VybeyPantelonez parent reply I agree. As far as I'm concerned the jews are the most secular state in the middle east and OK by me. I think you're right... probably a tactic by islamist to sow mistrust. I don't think we should engage in nation building on their behalf though.
    • tenpointtwolong parent reply Has nothing to do with that.
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