A drunk musician ends the gender debate.

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  • [ – ] Justicewithasword reply Nice beard fam.
  • [ – ] astraleyes reply I like it. I'm in the San Francisco area and everyone here walks on eggshells, trying not to offend the SJWs. Classic example was yesterday - there was some lady who wasn't paying attention at a green light and five cars were behind her. I was on foot and saw the whole thing. Anyways, so with five cars behind her, nobody honks because nobody wants to hurt her feelings. So the light turns yellow and she finally realizes she was supposed to go. And she goes. And everyone else has to wait for the next light. Because everyone's so f- nice. How refreshing it would be to not be nice. I think I need to move to NYC or Boston.
    • [ – ] albanothemadman parent reply I'm very careful to just avoid the mess entirely. I pretty take all of humanity on a case by case basis...you know...spread the hate out evenly! NYC is a great place to visit, and Boston is my hometown, but be ready to fight it out!
      • [ – ] astraleyes parent reply LOL. Yeah, know this from 2nd hand experience. My first job in software, we had a satellite company in Boston. The guys came to visit and I finally got to meet them after talking to them on the phone a million times. Anyways, Tom, the guy I worked with most closely, had a big fat black eye. I asked one of the other guys what happened and they said that they went out drinking and some other guy yelled something across the street in Tom's direction, not even at Tom. Tom, without even thinking, ran across the street and beat the s- out of him and his friend. His friend did get one punch in, but Tom managed to still beat them both up. Apparently, it wasn't even a big deal. Just another night in Boston.
  • [ – ] thy_koosk reply This is the most antisocial video I've seen in my life, but honestly people do suck, we are all assholes.
  • [ – ] cryptodigitator reply "||: Broken hearts are for assholes (and you're an asshole) :|| too .. so whatcha gonna do? 'Cause you're an asshole." - Frank Zappa
  • [ – ] Rage_By_Nightfall reply Plain and simple...each gender just wants to 1UP on each other. That's pretty much what it comes down to and we ARE all assholes.
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