John Cena Vs Barney The Dinosaur: Stop Motion Parody

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  • TapOutCorner reply Wow, this was a really well-made stop motion, you definitely earned my upvote! I got my start with video production in stop motion animation so I know how time-consuming it is. I can only imagine how tough it was animating with a plush toy. Good job all around!
  • [ – ] Arcade-Salad reply wow this is pretty cool. how long does it take to make a stop motion video?
    • [ – ] DareToBeStupidShow parent reply Depends on how long and how much we want to do in the segment...I think this particular scene took a few days.
      • [ – ] Arcade-Salad parent reply oh ok looks good are you gonna do more stop motion videos?
        • [ – ] DareToBeStupidShow parent reply I have quite a few more I plan to share....I have A Spiderman & Deadpool stop motion video already posted here on my channel.
          • Arcade-Salad parent reply oh i gonna check that one then I really like it when people create videos in stopmotion but it always seems like it takes a lot of time to make it :)
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