Vidme V. You Tube :Chill Rant, Numbers Don't Lie

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  • [ – ] TheArkady reply I honestly feel more welcome on Vidme than YouTube. There's a really great atmosphere here :)
    • The_Z_Files parent reply Agreed and personally I feel people do much better content when in better moods from feeling welcome and a part of something.
  • [ – ] DiamondDebLP reply I don't think You Tube gives us a true view count. Since being on Vidme, I have noticed that I immediately get up to 20 views as soon as I post my video's link to social media. I also post my You Tube videos to that same social media & mostly get under 10 views all together per video. I would think that the same people are coming to watch videos on either platform.
    • The_Z_Files parent reply I've always felt that to some reasoning that part of yt has always been broken,90% of my videos have like 3-5 views and in many cases I knew things like guilds i used to be in or G+ communities had to have more than that at least clicking,not to mention my 400+ on fb and over 1000 people on twitter some i'd think had to view them, but I do know if people dont watch I think over 3-5 minutes of ur video it doesn't register as a view. Beyond that though they have had so many other issues for such an old platform it seems kinda sad they can't hire decent programmers or IT whichever is needed. It comes down to personal need I suppose, and I personally can live without the need of the headache XD
  • [ – ] MrATAndreiThomas reply Youtube is no fucking more bro as I have no respect for them anymore because for years they have ruined my life, from their content identification system to their stinking unsubscribing glitch and then lied on top of it. That's what got me to stop posting videos on YouTube and started to put all my focus on vidme because I know vidme will take youtubes place and I will join them on the long through generations to come.
    • The_Z_Files parent reply See, passion-drive-and determination. This is why Vidme brings out the best in people lol couldn't be more accurate and confident man :)
  • [ – ] Ravenquick reply I too have noticed such a difference between the two platforms overall I do feel more welcomed here at Vidme!
    • The_Z_Files parent reply I know right? Like many I was a bit hesitant going somewhere new but after only 2-3 days it felt like when you are in a stuffy-crowded room,barely able to breathe then finally step outside into the fresh air, room to inhale the fresh and get rid of the dirty and toxic air lol
  • [ – ] AP_Games reply Sad to see that YouTube made the decision not to back their community of creators. I'm a YouTuber who's slowly transitioning to VidMe - glad to hear that your experience has been positive!
    • [ – ] The_Z_Files parent reply Totally,I've seen very little trolling honestly,besides the minor "hiccup" of the warpathgaming thing recently,which I mean come on there's always one bad nut in the bunch lol I haven't seen much negativity. I "could" enjoy a tiny bit more comments,I like interactivity but I get busy too in life and somedays I simply watch-upvote-move on too,it happens and really is a tiny thing. It's a nice community and not only are the vidme staff hilarious but supportive and interactive and it all seems to mesh well. welcome btw and thanks for stopping by :)
      • AP_Games parent reply Absolutely! Glad to be a part of this new community. I saw a few videos on the warpath gaming thing - I'll have to check them out to get caught up. I think that interactivity will grow as Vidme matures and more developers can be brought on board. A very exciting time to join Vidme!
  • [ – ] MutantPixel reply Love Paladins. But yeah NotYouTube is just becoming to anti-creator and Vidme is straight up becoming a real all about YOU tube. We're a community that really loves its creators, large or small.
    • The_Z_Files parent reply Indeed, I've LONG time (ok ok i'm old lol) supported creativity and hardwork on stuff you believe in, whether it's been comic book design, writing, game making, or video or blog content creating I've been behind those who love the stuff they do and give their all. Some on "that other place" lol do still give their all...the rest copy-paste cookie cutter videos,saying the same jokes or doing drama vids on the same stale news lol this is content creating not Fox News versus NBC versus CNN XD
  • [ – ] AxxL_Afriku reply 10k views special?
    • The_Z_Files parent reply Hey well, that is soon it looks like, maybe...numbers might line up though I'm a couple from 100 followers so possibly some sorta 100/10k vid, i'll have to think on that :)
  • [ – ] SamEarl13 reply Good video, Vidme has been so much better than YouTube for me too. While I might have 6700 views over on my YouTube channel (before I gave up on it) almost 2/3 of them are from 3 old videos that god surprisingly popular while other things got mostly ignored.
    • The_Z_Files parent reply Yeah it's night and day which is to be expected in people here actually caring whether people should get recognition or their hard work, on YT it's like "Oh you make videos too? That's cute!" lol here people interact more,and as long as you try your best acknowledge that. I have no doubt it'll grow here and continue being a stable, happy place to create.
  • [ – ] bunniiBGG reply vidme is definitely a smaller community compared to yt so you will have more views and maybe even more subs. one thing to consider is that having a vidme can increase views and subs on yt. thats whats been happening to me starting out. maybe it'll start to work out for you too.
    • The_Z_Files parent reply I kinda gave up on YT between the slow pace,terrible flux in gain 5 subs one day lose 4 the next, all the sub for sub spam and honestly the drama, its minimal here and I don't need to see every whiny person over there over shadow actual content creators, I follow and enjoy people who don't clickbait-don't fake react or "play a character" for views lol Besides that the ability for small videos being seen now is low and I've heard bad things about YT in general wanting to push out small channels since they are only money concerned now. I like rewarding hard work and general interest in their community so being an exclusive content creator here was a good choice to me.
  • [ – ] bunniiBGG reply Paladins!!
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