Conducting a Piece of Mine | Notion Test

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  • [ – ] Mozart_Forever reply This makes me want Notion 6 :O I wasn't aware of a program available to do that. I think that would be an amazing to use while in recording mode, say you have a fermata and you want the orchestra to pause longer then this can be used to do that. Harvard music program would be proud and probably is at how far technology has come. I think one day we may become so advanced that even free apps can have these virtual orchestras that sound and play real. And my next idea for a developer would be to have a sensor and to have the app record the motions of the composers while conducting and go off of that, and there actually is a way to do that, they would have to use the technology of face recognition and some how get it to cooperate with the program, and that way we could conduct our own pieces and it could be recording out motions, and the program could take notes of the motions and auto put in articulations/ ornaments/ ext. or it could just stay simple and we could do it manually... eithe...morer way I think we will advance to what I've mentioned. p.s.... That program has so many Mozart pieces I'm jealous... Finale only has like 5. You did fine, though the Mozart piece was Andante con allegro, con moderato, con Largo, Con Grave the way you did it XD That made me smile so much, great video, and very very awesome.
    • [ – ] cdnza parent reply That would awesome to have something like the Kinect for conducting! Granted, as we saw, I suck at it. But it would be fun! But yeah, I really do enjoy working in Notion XD Thank you so much for the kind comment though!
      • [ – ] Mozart_Forever parent reply Remember conduct on the downbeat. Conducting is one of my side passions as you know. I always enjoy going on you tube, and conducting along, and reading the sheet music. I even have ideas on tempo pace a lot, and their is different interpretations on Mozart's works I have compared to other conductors. That's why you know I really really liked think video ;) You might should hmmmmm hmmmm hmmm sneak some or.... hm hmmmmm hmmm hmmm all those mozart pieces my way in a XML form! I'd die. I have Mozarts 3rd violin concerto 2nd mvt though but I want the ones you have lol. especially the 3rd mvt of the 5th concerto and the 4th and probably many others you have. I really really want an XML site purely for xml sharing or highly known composers which to be fair is what openscore is trying to do, and I can not wait to see the Mozart library full! But in the mean time... sneak... hmmmmm
        • [ – ] cdnza parent reply're... you're not using me for my Notion library, are you?! ARE YOU??!! Just kidding of course. Granted, Notion comes with 50 Mozart scores, and that'll take some time to export them all into XML format. As for the XML sharing, doesn't MuseScore already do that? You can download any piece there into MusicXML, which is essentially a site dedicated to sharing that. I believe FinaleShowcase did the same thing when it was still a thing. But yeah, I'll send ya a link when eventually convert them over for you ;)
          • Mozart_Forever parent reply Maybe ;) NO I just Love his skills so so so much! Thank you so so so so much!!! I am a Mozart freak I know, and told you why, but you'd hate to see how much my knowledge for him goes. BTW I sent you a clip of me conducting in your email XD it's Mozart's 25th. Yeah musescore does but it is really hard to find good versions of Mozart's works. Though I rarely search for them I'm well aware of the problems. I'm excited!
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